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„Mr. Horeis has special inside know-how of implementation and especially commissioning of important and critical offshore substation system, e.g. fuel and water treatment, HVAC, ICCP, helicopter landing deck, etc., etc. We were very happy to have him in our Meerwind Süd|Ost substation team!“

– Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Höhns – Package Manager Qualityassurance –
WindMW GmbH a Blackstone Portfolio Company

Horeis Offshore-Solution is committed to wind power. Our many years‘ experience in the development and planning of wind farms allows us to apply proven and approved concepts. Thanks to our flexible capacity planning you will have the right man at the right spot at all times. Your project will be scalable and stays cost efficient. From the very start of the planning process we never lose sight of our goal: the highest plant availability and power input.

Current development of the wind power sector in germany

The German offshore wind power sector is looking back on a a record year 2015. Just under 800 offshore wind power farms are feeding electricity into the grid. Further 41 plants were installed until December 31, 2015 and will be put tot he grid shortly. The business sector will increasingly grow. According to AG Energiebilanzen more than 8 terra watt hours were produced offshore in 2015. This corresponds to a demand on electricity of 2 million hoursholds or nearly 1,4 per cent of the gross electricity generation in Germany. There lies an enormous potential for further growth. The conversion towards the use of renewable power is clearly visible.

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